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Craig Stevenson and the team of experts at Vitfor provide me with a full elite level coaching package as part of the Future Champions project. Vitfor is a training centre of excellence for endurance cyclists, runners and triathletes providing elite-level coaching and state-of-the art training software The Vitfor Future Champions project was created to open-up the sport to a wider selection of promising athletes.

In 2024 I have been selected to be supported by The Rayner Foundation. With this year being my first year abroad and with the aspirations that I have for the season, the support will be exceptionally useful. The Rayner Foundation is an established organisation that selects a handful of British riders that ride abroad every year. They have supported some of the best British pros of recent memory.

I've been lucky enough to have had Paul at Fellas Barbers for supporting me since 2019, always keeping me looking my best. 

Mathew Thompson is a sports masseur at the Hallamshire Physio Clinic. He has previously worked with the Raleigh Pro Cycling team and Worcester Warriors RUFC. He is an experienced cyclist and has worked closely with many elite sports people to aid recovery and to maximise performance.

Thanks to Justin Pounds and the team at Kedron UK for their support in 2023 and continuing support into 2024



Andy and the team at Giant Sheffield supported me from 2019 and gave me my first proper race bike. Being one of my first supporters I am super grateful for the springboard they gave me to help me perform


A huge thanks to Chris Sidwells who runs the fund for the support in 2019 and 2020. The Tom Simpson memorial fund was set up to support young riders that are local to Sheffield and Doncaster as well as organising rides and events to raise money to maintain the Haswell, Harworth and Mont Ventoux memorials to Tom.


Thanks to Mark and the team at Pedal Potential for supporting me from 2019 all the way until 2023. Pedal Potential want to identify and support talented young athletes, with a passion for cycling, who require a degree of financial assistance to realise their potential, progress within their chosen sport and achieve success



Cycling Sheffield has been my team for the first 3 years of my U23 journey fom 2021 to 2023. Thanks to Dave for all of the races that we went to, all the learning that I took from my time on the team and outside cycling support provided. I really enjoyed being a part of a team with such great chemistry between the riders and management. I will take all the experience I gained here with me for the rest of my career.


Although I was on Spokes during the 2020 and COVID, I still spent a lot of time with the team in winter and the latter part of the year. I'm grateful to Craig and Blair for the efforts to keep us motivated and keep the feeling of togetherness alive during such a strange time. I just wish we'd have got to do more racing as a squad


I was on JRC from mid way through 2018 until 2019. Thanks to James and Claire for the efforts they made to create a team that could compete nationally in the junior ranks and help me to move up so quickly.

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