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Testing, Testing

Its been a while since my last blog, I was hoping that there would have been more racing at the end of the season and more to write about but it wasn't to be.

I've learnt in 2020 to take cycling in whatever form I can get it.... I've carried on training hard no matter what happened to the race calendar. It was good to get out on the road and do the Cuckney 10 mile TT organised by Team Sheffield - my first race since lockdown.

It was my first real TT and I managed to take a joint win on the rolling course.

Cuckney TT - Photo Tony Wood

This was followed by the Tickhill 10mile TT O10/1 on flat course was next and I was hoping for a fast time but the wind played a factor and I didn't do anything remarkable.

The end of August saw the CTT National 10mile TT championships which I entered given the Junior Tour of Wales was cancelled. While my power was good and I rode to within 2 watts down on my 20 min power I've got some work to do on my position / aerodynamics to get the most out of my power and be competitive so this is a project I will be working on over the winter months.

Just prior to heading down to Newbury for the Nat 10's I went up to Harrogate for physiological testing at Vitfor with performance director Craig Stevenson. I was looking forward to finding out how things had gone since my previous test but after doing the test I did wonder why I was looking forward to it at all! I'm pleased to say all my key numbers and markers continue to improve thanks to the training plan set by my coach Huw Spacey which is focused on progressive and sustainable improvement building over time.

My main goal for the year on the domestic junior scene was to get a good result in Junior Tour of Wales at end of August, something I was in great shape for just in case it went ahead and I was then looking to carry that form in to Philippe Gilbert Juniors in October for a good result there. In the end Wales was cancelled and due to the travel and quarantine restrictions Spokes RT couldn't travel to Belgium for Phil Gil which meant that was the end of the season that never was.

Reflecting on what has been a difficult year for all its been a shame there has been little or no opportunity to race and show myself in what was an important second year as a junior and I've really missed racing in some of the best international races the team had planned in the calendar for 2020.

In September I started at Sheffield Uni studying Physics where I've been awarded an Elite Sports Scholarship to help me to focus on my cycling while studying. I've now shifted my attention to training and developing over the winter months ready for 2021 season.

Team News for 2021 to follow...

Like all second year juniors I've been in the process of applying for teams at U23 level and am pleased to say I have secured a fantastic opportunity. Not just pleased, relieved as well given the year we've all had. Just hope others have been able to do the same on what has been a very unlevel playing field with the rest of Europe.

So, to be predictable, watch this space...

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