About me

In 2022 I'm a second year U23  based in Sheffield and riding for Cycling Sheffield.  I came to cycling 5 years ago having previously raced triathlon but a running injury sidelined me. This resulted in me doing more racing on the bike and I found I preferred to race bikes than swim/bike/run.


Since taking up cycling seriously I have progressed to racing in National and International events and have been selected for the Vitfor Future Champion Project.

In my first year as a U23 my focus was on gaining race experience in National A's and B's. Having won 2 Nat B races in 2021 and a 3rd while placing just outside to top 20 in Nat A's my  focus as a second year U23 will be on Nat A  podiums and top 10's  and   also UCI International races, mainly in France, Italy and Belgium.

In addition to my cycling I will be continuing my University studies for my Physics degree.


Please visit my blog pages for updates from my major races and view my progress. 

Finally a massive thank you to all those that support me -  Huw and Craig, my coaches at Vitfor, Pedal Potential, Dave and the team at Moda bikes,  Matt Thompson Physio and Paul at Fellas.  Without their continued support I wouldn't have made the progress I've made so far.

Photo Credit - Velo UK