About me

I am a second year Junior racing for Spokes Racing Team.  I came to cycling 3 years ago having previously raced triathlon but a running injury sidelined me. This resulted in me doing more racing on the bike and I found I preferred to race bikes than swim/bike/run.


Since taking up cycling seriously I have progressed to racing in Junior National and International events and have been selected for the Vitfor Future Champion Project.

In 2020 my focus will be on Junior Nationals and  UCI International races, mainly in France and Belgium.


Please visit my blog pages for updates from my major races and view my progress. 

Finally a massive thank you to all those that support me - Spokes,  Vitfor, Pedal Potential, Matt Thompson Physio and the Tom Simpson memorial fund without who's help and support I wouldn't have made the progress I've made so far.

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